Table 1.

Short (Initial) Checklist of Methodological and Reporting Aspects for Articles Submitted to Circulation Research That Report Studies of Experimental Interventions in Animals

Preclinical testingPrevention of bias is important for experimental cardiovascular research. For studies where the primary objective is the preclinical testing of therapies, the following checklist items must be adhered to and clearly presented in the article. Study involves testing of therapeutic or diagnostic agent in animal models: Yes/No
AnimalsSpecies, age, sex, strains, and sources of animals are described: yes/no
RandomizationRandomization and allocation concealment were performed: yes/no
BlindingBlinding was performed: yes/no
Inclusions and exclusionsSpecific criteria for inclusions and exclusions are specified: yes/no
Criteria for inclusions and exclusions were set before the study: yes/no
Reporting of excluded animalsAll animals excluded after randomization are reported: yes/no
Statistical methodsStatistical methods are described: yes/no