Historical Milestones of the Texas Heart Institute (2000–2017)

 • First site for clinical trials of the Jarvik 2000, a miniature, axial-flow LVAD
 • First demonstration that C-reactive protein causes vascular inflammation
 • 100 000th open-heart operation performed
 • Completed REMATCH study, which compared long-term implantation of the HeartMate electric LVAD to conventional medical therapy for heart failure
 • Implantation of the AbioCor total artificial heart
 • First in the world to treat coronary heart disease patients with heart failure and no other treatment options with their own stem cells by directly injecting them into the heart with a NOGA catheter
 • Dedication of the THI/SLEH–The Denton A. Cooley Building
 • HeartMate electric LVAD approved for destination therapy
 • First nationally ranked cardiovascular center in the United States to open a catheterization laboratory medical simulation training center
 • First implantation of a HeartMate II LVAD in the United States
 • First FDA-approved clinical trial of autologous adult stem cell therapy for congestive heart failure in the United States
 • First US patient to receive HeartMate II LVAD surpasses 1 y of survival with the device
 • THI and the University of Texas System sign a legal affiliation agreement to collaborate in cardiovascular disease research and education and the recruitment of outstanding physician-scientists
 • 1000th heart transplantation performed
 • National Institutes of Health selects THI as 1 of 5 centers for Stem Cell Study Consortium
 • James T. Willerson, MD, becomes president of THI, and Denton A. Cooley, MD, becomes president emeritus
 • First in United States to implant a pacemaker enclosed in an antibiotic envelope
 • FDA approval to use the HeartMate II LVAD as bridge to transplantation
 • THI and the University of Texas System sign an enhanced legal affiliation (Figure)
 • FDA approval to use the HeartMate II LVAD as destination therapy
 • Second in the United States to treat AAA with the minimally invasive Endurant AAA Stent Graft System
 • First successful implantation of a continuous-flow total artificial heart in a human
 • Dr Willerson named Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Heart Institute Journal
 • THI chosen as the Biorepository Core Laboratory for the national Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network and as one of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute stem cell centers for treating patients with cardiovascular disease with stem cells after a nationwide competition
 • Dr Cooley publishes his memoirs, 100 000 Hearts
 • 1000th LVAD implanted
 • THI develops a new working partnership with Catholic Health Initiatives
 • The Texas Heart Institute Journal begins being published online every 2 mo
 • THI and the University of Texas System renew and expand their legal affiliation
 • Dr James T. Willerson, MD, becomes president emeritus
  • AAA indicates abdominal aortic aneurysm; FDA, Food and Drug Administration; LVAD, left ventricular assist device; REMATCH, Randomized Evaluation of Mechanical Assistance for the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure; SLEH, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital; and THI, Texas Heart Institute.