NCATS Coordinates the Consolidation of Several Large Existing NIH Translational Programs and Offices into an Integrated Scientific Enterprise Across All Disease Areas

NCATS ProgramsDescriptionLink
Clinical and Translational Science AwardsNational consortium of academic center–associated research bastions focused on the translation and the training of the next generation of academic medicine researchers
Molecular Libraries ProgramThis program gives researchers access to the large-scale small-molecule screening capacity along with medicinal chemistry and informatics necessary to identify chemical probes to study the functions of genes, cells, and biochemical pathways
BrIDGsPreviously known as the NIH Rapid Access to Intervention Development program, this was launched under its new name in October 2011; BrIDGs makes available, on a competitive basis, certain critical resources (synthesis, formulation, pharmacokinetic, and toxicology services) needed for the development of new therapeutic agents
Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected DiseasesProgram to stimulate and speed the development of new drugs for rare and neglected diseases; research collaborations between NIH and academic scientists, nonprofit organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are highly encouraged
Cures Acceleration NetworkThis program is to advance the development of high-need cures and reduce significant barriers between research discovery and clinical trials
ORDRORDR supports and coordinates rare disease research, responds to research opportunities for rare diseases, and provides information on rare diseases
  • BrIDGs indicates Bridging Interventional Development Gaps; NIH, National Institutes of Health; and ORDR, Office of Rare Diseases Research.