Hubs and Their Areas of Interest

Hub InstitutionsPrincipal InvestigatorsResearch Areas
Morgridge InstituteJames ThomsonConversion of human pluripotent stem and somatic cells into hematopoietic stem cells and self-renewing cardiac progenitor cells
University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesDaniel Garry
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterBeverly Torok-StorbPlatelet production through stimulation of endogenous progenitors and from human embryonic stem cells
Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaMortimer Poncz
Stanford UniversityJohn CookeReprogramming and differentiation of adult cells to hematopoietic and endothelial lineages for application to hematologic and vascular disorders
Johns Hopkins UniversityAlan Friedman
J. David Gladstone InstitutesDeepak SrivastavaProduction and characterization of usable and reliable induced pluripotent stem cells for cell therapy in the heart
Stanford UniversityRobert Robbins
Stanford UniversityMark KrasnowIdentification and characterization of progenitor cells involved in lung and blood development for use in addressing disease or injury
Stanford UniversityIrving Weissman
University of PennsylvaniaEdward MorriseyManipulation of pathways regulating stem cell differentiation into cardiac and hematopoietic lineages for therapeutic application
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterIrwin Bernstein
Massachusetts General HospitalDavid ScaddenControl of cardiac and pulmonary progenitor cell fate by niche microenvironment
University of Texas SW Medical CenterJay Schneider
Massachusetts General HospitalKenneth ChienGeneration of human ES and iPS cell-based models of cardiac and blood diseases
Children's Hospital, BostonGeorge Daley
Vanderbilt UniversityAntonis HatzopoulosRole of cardiac stem cells in repair and regeneration after cardiac injury