Table 1.

Major Changes in the Portfolio and Format of Articles Published in Circulation Research

New Article Categories
    • Extended print version of Regular Articles
    • Brief UltraRapid Communications
    • Short Communications
    • New Methods in Cardiovascular Biology
    • Featured Articles
    • News and Views
    • Scientific Guidelines
    • Methodological Reviews
    • Emerging Science
    • Controversies in Cardiovascular Research
    • Basic Implications of Clinical Science
    • Translational Perspectives
    • Personal Reflections
    • Profiles in Cardiovascular Science
    • Expanded online content
Changes in Format
    • New cover page
    • New style for Table of Contents
    • Structured Abstract
    • Boldface type for Abstract
    • List of non-standard abbreviations
    • Requirement for a detailed Methods section in the Online Data Supplement (with sufficient details to enable readers to replicate the experiments)
    • Full reference citations (including all authors)
    • Novelty and Significance section
    • In This Issue section