Table 1.

Translational Research Programs at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

PACTPACT was initiated in 2004 to provide clinical grade cell therapy products for early phase clinical trials in the heart, lung, and blood diseases. The program was renewed in 2009 and closed on January 14, 2015. However, in May 2015, a presolicitation notice was published and a new 5-year award is expected in 2016. Additional information is available at
GTRPGTRP was initiated in 2007 to facilitate translation of gene therapy research to clinical interventions by providing resources for manufacture, preclinical, and pharmacology–toxicology studies aimed at supporting IND applications. The program was renewed in 2012 through May 2017, and additional information is available at
SMARTTSMARTT was initiated in 2010 to accelerate translation of research from bench to bedside by providing manufacturing services for biologic and nonbiologic drug products, pharmacology–toxicology and formulation studies, and regulatory affairs guidance and support. The program ends on November 7, 2015 but is expected to be renewed in early 2016. Additional information is available at
NCAINCAI was initiated in 2011 to provide a novel infrastructure for translation of discoveries into commercially viable products that improve patient care and advance public health. It consists of 3 Commercialization Centers and three Research and Innovation hubs. Additional information is available at
VITAVITA was initiated in 2013 to enable and accelerate development of promising diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for unmet and underserved medical needs. Additional information is available at
CADETCADET was initiated in 2014 to accelerate development of novel products for the treatment of lung diseases and sleep-disordered breathing. CADET supports preclinical, milestone-driven research on therapeutic products for which the target has been validated, focusing on support for that portion of drug development between target validation and IND application filing.
CTRISCTRIS was initiated in 2014 and is focused on T4 phase translation to promote rapid and sustained adoption of effective interventions. Additional information is available at
  • CADET indicates Centers for Advanced diagnostics and Experimental Therapeutics in Lung Diseases Stage II; CTRIS, Center for Translation Research and Implementation Science; GTRP, Gene Therapy Resource Program; IND, investigational new drug; PACT, Production Assistance for Cellular Therapies; NCAI, National Institutes of Health Centers for Accelerated Innovations; VITA, Vascular Interventions/Innovations and Therapeutic Advances; and SMARTT, Science Moving Towards Research Translation and Therapy.