Table 2.

Bibliometric and Economic Outcomes by Mechanism

R01R01 (ARRA)Test Statistic
Publications3/7/112/4/8F=17, P<0.001
Normalized citation impact1.59/3.82/7.580.87/2.84/4.91F=14, P<0.001
Top 10% publications0.0/1.0/2.50.0/0.0/2.0F=7, P=0.008
Publications per $M1.3/3.3/6.31.3/3.6/7.2F=0.64, P=0.42
Normalized citation impact per $M0.75/2.03/4.100.73/2.15/4.68F=0.27, P=0.61
Top 10% publications per $M0.00/0.52/1.290.00/0.00/1.26F=1.5, P=0.23
  • Continuous variables are presented as a/b/c where a=25th percentile, b=median, and c=75th percentile. Comparisons were made with the Wilcoxon test.