Table 1.

Grant Characteristics According to Mechanism

R01R01 (ARRA)Test Statistic
Percentile ranking6/10/1420/23/25F=469, P<0.001
Project duration, y4.8/4.9/5.02.8/3.0/3.3F=300, P<0.001
Total award, $M1.56/1.87/2.290.83/1.03/1.63F=171, P<0.001
Requested budget, $M1.8/1.9/2.31.8/1.9/2.4F=0.68, P=0.41
Clinical trial7% (33)7% (11)χ2=0.05, P=0.82
Human study44% (201)35% (57)χ2=4.4, P=0.037
Animal study64% (293)67% (110)χ2=0.39, P=0.54
Early stage investigator19% (88)9% (15)χ2=9.0, P=0.003
Prior council meetings0/0/00/0/0F=0.0, P=0.95
Prior study section meetings0/3/130/3/9F=0.2, P=0.66
Prior SEP meetings1.0/5.5/12.02.0/4.0/11.0F=1.3, P=0.26
Prior projects1/2/51/3/4F=0.15, P=0.70
Prior total funding, $M0.47/1.89/7.960.61/2.66/8.11F=0.97, P=0.33
  • Continuous variables are presented as a/b/c where a=25th percentile, b=median, and c=75th percentile. Categorical variables are presented as percent (number). Note that there were no nonmissing values, except for percentile ranking, for which there were data for 389 R01 grants and 160 R01 (ARRA) grants. Continuous variables were compared with the Wilcoxon test and categorical variables with the Pearson test. ARRA indicates American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; and SEP, special emphasis panel.