Table 1.

Characteristics and Bibliometric Outcomes of the 1492 Cardiovascular R01 Grants That Met the Inclusion Criteria

Percentile Ranking<10.0%10.0%–19.9%20.0%–41.8%P Value
Number of grants487574431
New investigator29% (139)27% (159)34% (144)0.34
Human studies34% (168)31% (180)37% (160)0.16
Costs, $mn1.5/1.8/2.81.3/1.6/2.51.2/1.5/2.6<0.001
Duration, y4.0/5.0/5.04.0/4.0/5.03.9/4.0/5.0<0.001
Annual costs, $mn/y0.32/0.37/0.440.31/0.36/0.430.29/0.35/0.41<0.001
Institutional funding in portfolio, $mn15/30/4513/29/4412/27/410.052
Bibliometric measures
 Number of publications568061344979
 Average authors per paper4.7/5.8/7.24.7/5.6/7.04.5/5.6/7.00.27
 Average grants acknowledged per paper1.9/2.5/3.41.8/2.4/3.31.8/2.4/3.10.064
Bibliometric outcomes for each grantAdjusted P value*
 Number of publications4.0/8.0/14.54.0/8.0/14.04.0/8.5/14.80.84
 Number of research publications4.0/7.0/12.03.5/6.8/12.03.5/7.0/12.00.87
 Citations to all papers484/1059/1874443/958/1829552/1182/21300.61
 Citations per million dollars spent231/537/1003252/573/981289/736/13010.87
 Citations <2 y of publication16/41/9813/35/7715/38/910.22
 Citations <2 y to paper with most 2-y citations7/14/256/12/216/13/200.13
 h-index (based on citations <2 y of publication)2/3/62/3/52/3/60.48
  • Values shown are percentage (number) or 25th/50th/75th quantiles as appropriate.

  • * Adjusted P values based on linear additive models that account for average annual funding (except for the model for citations per million dollars spent), project duration, calendar year of initial award, inclusion of human subjects, new investigator status for principle investigator, total within-portfolio institutional funding, average number of authors per paper, and average number of grants acknowledged per paper.